Unlike your ordinary burger, our filet mignon & brisket burgers are extremely lean and juicy. You'll never be satisfied with regular hamburgers again, just broil or grill.

One of our most popular selections!

At Bayside Foods, we specialize in high quality steak and seafood. Our customers are true steak lovers with a passion for the best beef in the business. 

There are times, though, when even the biggest steak lover craves beef but doesn’t feel in the mood for steak. In times like these, a juicy hamburger is a great alternative. 

In addition to steak and seafood, gourmet burgers are one of our most popular items. Our gourmet filet mignon & brisket burgers are held to the same high standards all of our products must meet.

Our filet mignon & brisket burgers are so flavorful and juicy that they truly deserve to be called gourmet burgers. 

Order a pack of filet mignon & brisket burgers and you can enjoy delicious, restaurant quality burgers at home.

Filet mignon & brisket burgers cost $69.00 for a 12 pack of six ounce patties or $99.00 for a 24 pack of six ounce gourmet burgers. 

Grilled or broiled, you’ll enjoy these top quality filet mignon & brisket burgers so much you may never eat standard hamburger again. 

The burgers will arrive at your door with in three business days of your order and will be packed tightly in a foam cooler filled with dry ice to preserve freshness. Transfer the gourmet burgers to the refrigerator if they will be cooked and eaten within a few days, or put them in the freezer for longer storage.

Our filet mignon & brisket burgers have an added advantage few other hamburger patties can claim. They are some of the leanest gourmet hamburgers available anywhere, so they are diet friendly. This is good news, especially considering the upcoming barbeque season that is about to get underway. Now even the health conscious can enjoy a fabulous and juicy burger at the next backyard get together.

12 (6 oz.) 

YOUR PRICE: $69.00

24 (6 oz.) 

YOUR PRICE: $99.00

8 (9 oz.) 

YOUR PRICE: $69.00

16 (9 OZ.) 

YOUR PRICE: $99.00



Bayside Foods introduces a healthy alternative to our beef burger. These premium, lean and tasty buffalo burgers have 1/3 the fat & double the protein of a regular burger. Add our delicious Buffalo Burgers to your next order. 18 (6 oz) per order.

For the meat lovers out there who have been forced to give up your favorite steaks and burgers because your diet does not allow it, now is the time to rejoice. 

We are now able to offer the extremely health conscious meat lover a low fat alternative to traditional hamburgers. 

We now carry buffalo meat burgers for dieters and others who have restricted their beef intake. Buffalo burgers are an ideal alternative to beef burgers because buffalo meat is naturally low in fat. In fact, beef burgers have 2/3 more fat than these delicious, nutritious buffalo burgers and buffalo meat has twice as much protein.

The health benefits of buffalo meat has long been known in this country. Buffalo meat was the primary food source of many Native American cultures, and the buffalo was wide spread before over hunting and the spread of grazing cattle took its toll on the population. Now, most buffalo in this country are raised on ecologically friendly farms where they reared for their tasty and healthy meat. As a result of a growing health consciousness in this country in recent years, many of the finest restaurants have begun to offer buffalo burgers on their menus. Even die hard beef fans who try buffalo meat burgers for the first time are surprised to discover how good buffalo meat really is.

Due to certain restrictions and availability, buffalo meat is usually slightly more expensive than beef.  Bayside Foods is proud to offer buffalo meat burgers for sale at extremely competitive prices. A 10 pack of six ounce buffalo meat patties costs just $69.00. Those who discover a love for this healthy meat can order an 18 pack of six ounce patties for just $109.00. Keep a good supply of this on hand in your freezer to surprise and please your next dinner or barbeque guests.

10 (6 oz) YOUR PRICE: 69.00

18 (6 oz) YOUR PRICE: $109.00



These pre-cooked comfort items come in their own delicious gravy and are designed to heat & serve. The Pot Roast is so tender it falls apart with a fork. Each serves three to four people.

Pot roast truly is the all American food. This delicious dish has been enjoyed by families around the country for decades and it is one of the most commonly served meals week in and week out in homes across the nation.

Pot roast is one of the most popular beef dishes because of its hearty flavor, easy preparation, and versatility. Our gourmet pot roast comes with its own rich gravy for a juicy, tender taste and less work for you at home. Preparation is quick and easy, just heat and serve this gourmet pot roast to please your whole family.

There are two options for ordering our gourmet pot roast. A box of three, two pound roasts is available for just $79.00 or a box of five, two pound roasts is available for just $129.00. Our shipping charge is always the same, no matter how much you order, so go ahead and order the box containing five roasts. This will keep your freezer full of tasty pot roast for quick and easy meals for a long time, leaving you free to think about other things besides “what’s for dinner?”

When you place your order, you can expect a box of gourmet pot roast to show up at your home or office within two to three days. Within 24 hours of your order, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. If you do not want your order shipped immediately, please indicate that on your order. Also, if you do not want your order of pot roast left at your door or close by if you are not home, you will need to specify that as well.

3 (2 lb) YOUR PRICE: $79.00

5 (2 lb) YOUR PRICE: $129.00



Bayside Foods  Meatloaf is as good as Mom used to make. A quick, yet delicious family dinner couldn't be made easier. Each serving feeds five to six people.

There are few foods that can bring to mind images of past experiences and feelings of comfort and warmth than meat loaf. Meat loaf is one of the most American dishes imaginable and one served in countless households across the country. Who can’t remember the smell of their mom’s meatloaf cooking on a Sunday afternoon and who doesn’t remember heartily digging into the hot, delicious loaf to savor its robust taste? 

Meat loaf, like chicken soup, is one of the great comfort foods because it brings back memories of childhood and safety.

We are extremely proud to provide our customers with gourmet meat loaf even mom will love. Meat loaf is a great meal for families on the go because it can be made quickly and easily and it feeds many people. Our standard two and half pound meatloaf will serve up to six people.

Meatloaf is shipped directly to your door in a box of either three or five. A gourmet meat loaf box containing three loafs is priced at $69.00 and a 5 pack of gourmet meat loaf is priced at $99.00. This makes for a very affordable and tasty way to feed your entire family.

Within one business day, you will receive an email confirming your order. Your package will then arrive at your door within two to three business days. It will be delivered in a foam cooler and packed in dry ice to preserve quality and freshness. Store unused gourmet meatloaf in the freezer for quick preparation later.

3 (2.5 lb) YOUR PRICE: $69.00

5 (2.5 lb) YOUR PRICE: $99.00



An elegant Filet Mignon roast is perfect for special occasions. The ultimate in fine dining & easy to prepare. Each roast serves 2-3.

Chateaubriand is a wonderful filet mignon roast that is classy, sophisticated, and downright divine. 

Chateaubriand is regularly served at the finest steak and seafood restaurants around the world and it is a specialty of many of the world’s top chefs. At a fine restaurant, a dinner of Chateaubriand can be quite expensive. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy Chateaubriand at home without having to break the budget by ordering online. It is quick and easy and you don’t even have to leave your house.

After you order, we will ship your Chateaubriand in foam coolers that will arrive within three business days. Before it is shipped, the Chateaubriand is flash frozen to preserve freshness and then vacuum sealed. Finally, it is packed in dry ice and shipped to your home or office. It will be delivered right to your door, and if no one is home to receive the delivery, it can be left by the door or other safe location and will be waiting for you when you get home. 

Chateaubriand can be stored for several months in the freezer as long as the seal is not torn or punctured. To serve, simply reheat for a meal your whole family will love.

Our prices are very low compared to restaurants or butcher shops. Two, 24 ounce Chateaubriands can be ordered for a mere $99.00. Four, 24 ounce Chateaubriands can be ordered for just $189.00. There just is not a better deal on this elegant fine dining food to be found anywhere.

2 (24 oz) YOUR PRICE: $99.00

4 (24 oz) YOUR PRICE: $189.00



We combine tender beef filet mignon with mushrooms, green & red peppers, marinated in a Hawaiian luau sauce. A summer grilling favorite.

With summer grilling season right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about what you’ll be cooking up at the next backyard cook out. Of course steak and hamburgers will be on the menu as no barbeque is complete without them. But do not limit yourself to these traditional old favorites. Beef is so versatile that the only thing limiting your menu selection is your own imagination. A great way to add variety to your summer grilling selection and to impress your party guests is to serve beef kabobs and steak kabobs at your next event.

Filet mignon kabobs are an ideal grilling food because they have the familiar, delightful taste of beef with an added kick. They are often served with peppers, red, green, or yellow, as well as mushrooms or onions. The right marinade or grilling sauce will take your beef kabobs to a whole new level.  A Hawaiian luau sauce is a traditional favorite but again, you are only limited by your imagination. Mix and match your own selection of vegetables and marinades to create the perfect steak kabobs and beef kabobs.

Filet mignon kabobs are a popular grilling item because of their low cost. You can order eight fully prepared filet mignon kabobs for just $79.00 or 16 for $149.00. Kabobs are flash frozen, vacuum sealed, and packed in dry ice to preserve freshness until they are ready to be cooked. Our kabobs come prepared with steak medallions, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, and a tangy Hawaiian sauce. Serve these at your next party, they’re sure to be a hit.





Completely prepared & fully cooked - They are perfectly seasoned to top your pasta, use as a side dish or an hors d'oeuvres. Mangia! 160 (1/2 ounce) per order.

Over the last few years we have become the number one place to buy meatballs on the Internet, using our delicious Italian meatball recipe to overwhelm all of our competitors. However it is much more than our Italian meatball recipe that has made us the place of choice to buy meatballs for so many, for we also offer top-notch customer service, the highest quality assurance standards, and in-home delivery to make our customers purchases as convenient as possible.

However, the crux of our success is the sheer deliciousness of our Italian meatball recipe, which is the brainchild of our top-notch culinary staff. We realize that when customers buy meatballs from us that they are looking for much more than just some ground beef rolled up and cooked to a medium temperature. Accordingly, we invested our time and energy in finding the most perfect beef to mix with our blend of spices and secret ingredients to form the most delicious meatball on the market.

Our customers who buy meatballs from us have found that this Italian meatball recipe goes perfectly into just about any creation they can conjure up, serving them as appetizers, making them into sandwiches, or topping a pasta dish off, these versatile delicacies taste great no matter how they are eaten.

We combine this deliciousness with convenient in-home delivery so that our customers who buy meatballs from us never even have to leave the comfort of their own homes to enjoy our Italian meatball recipe. When you buy meatballs from us we ship them in a foam container packed with dry ice to ensure freshness and quality. These packages are generally shipped via UPS or FedEx, arriving in 2-3 days. But if you need them sooner we do offer overnight shipping for an additional cost.

However you choose to have them shipped, when you buy meatballs from us you can be assured that the Italian meatball recipe will leave your guests craving more. So order today and you can be enjoying them tomorrow.

YOUR PRICE: $79.00