We provide the highest quality selections of Lamb, Pork and Veal products including Ribs, Chops and Cutlets. 

Selection of the Month: Rack of Lamb 


Our succulent rib lamb racks are French trimmed to the bone for a beautiful presentation. It's sure to impress for any occasion. 

Our supplier is now preparing 2 racks of 8 chops per rack in each vacuum seal package, which means we have passed on the savings to you.


Rack of lamb is one of the most impressive meat dishes served in gourmet restaurants around the globe. The popularity of lamb, especially rack of lamb, has been steadily on the increase in countries all over the world, and the trend will only continue as more people discover the unique, delectable taste of this savory meat. There are few dishes as impressive as a beautiful rack of lamb, presented with style and sophistication. It is surprisingly easy to prepare as well.

An additional factor that is making rack of lamb more attractive and more popular is our ability to offer this gourmet treat for lower prices than ever before.  Select the package that includes six racks for $139. Or you can choose a smaller package that contains four racks for a modest $109.00. Commitment to quality and low prices are our two most important objectives.

For people not accustomed to eating this dish, preparation is an important consideration. You will want to browse for an ideal rack of lamb recipe. There is no single “right” rack of lamb recipe, it is more a matter of preference. The versatility of lamb means that you will find a savory rack of lamb recipe no matter what your taste. Rack of lamb is most often baked or broiled. For even easier preparation, it can even be barbecued. Throw a rack onto the grill at your next barbecue to add variety and to impress your guests.

4 (20 oz) YOUR PRICE $109.00


6 (20 oz) YOUR PRICE $149.00



Fully Cooked: Each mini-rack is smothered in a zesty BBQ sauce. The meat falls right off the bone. Fast & easy to prepare.

Baby back ribs are like an explosion of taste right in your mouth. Dripping with sauce and loaded with taste, baby back ribs are one of the most popular meals ordered in restaurants around the country. 

Every year, millions of people go to their favorite restaurant just to get a taste of those delicious baby back ribs. Now you can get the rib dinner you crave without going out to a crowded restaurant. Just order our fully cooked baby back ribs and you can enjoy the amazing, zesty taste of baby back ribs at home where you won’t have to feel embarrassed if you get a little sauce on your face. In fact, you can get as much sauce on your face as you want, it’s all part of the fun.

As a meat lover, you’ll enjoy the fact that you can now buy baby back ribs online for low, low prices. You can buy baby back ribs in packages of three for only $79.00, or in packages of five for just $119.00. Compare this to the cost of a single rib dinner at a decent restaurant and the savings are obvious. And when you buy baby back ribs online, they are shipped directly to you at home or the office. 

They will come vacuum sealed and packed in dry ice so you can be confident that they are 100% fresh. Our delivery person can leave the cooler containing the ribs at your front door or other specified location if no one is home to receive the package.

Baby back ribs are not just for family enjoyment either. They make an excellent gift. A gift of baby back ribs is a great way to show valuable employees how much they are appreciated. Any meat lover will be extremely grateful to receive this gift and it will make them feel recognized and special. 

When you buy baby back ribs as a gift for someone else, please specify when and where they are to be delivered. They can be shipped to the employee’s home or they can arrive at the office.

3 racks YOUR PRICE $79.00

5 racks YOUR PRICE $119.00



Our thick, meaty & well trimmed chops are full of flavor and a real treat!

For the past 20 years, Bayside Foods has been in the business of shipping the finest beef, seafood, and other high quality meat products to customers around the country. We’ve earned a reputation as a leading supplier of gourmet meats and gift packages to businesses and consumers and we are committed to providing an ever expanding selection of meats to our valued customers. 

In addition to our excellent steaks and lobster tails, customers with different tastes can also buy lamb chops and other lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey products. Lamb chops are a perennial favorite among our customers, and there is no better place to buy lamb chops online.

Bayside Foods is proud to sell our quality meat products at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our customers can buy lamb chops for less than they cost at the butcher shop, and the savings compared to other online distributors is considerable. 

We stand by the quality of our products because a company is only as good as what it sells. Our continued success over the last two decades is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our lamb chops are second to none.

Our thick and flavorful loin lamb chops weigh approximately five ounces a piece. They are sold in packages of 12 or 20. A package of 12 costs just $79.00 or a package of 20 costs $119.00. 

They arrive frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and taste, and they can be stored for months in the freezer to be enjoyed again and again.

12 (5 oz) YOUR PRICE $79.00

20 (5 oz) YOUR PRICE $119.00



These exceptional milk fed veal cutlets are sliced very thin. Completely trimmed & guaranteed tender.

Where veal is concerned, tenderness is everything. Only the juiciest and most tender veal cuts can be called premium veal cutlets, and premium veal cutlets are all we sell. 

In order to get the best veal possible, we only buy veal cutlets that are guaranteed tender. There are a lot of want to be veal cuts on the market pretending to be premium veal cutlets, but don’t be fooled by impostors. Buy veal cutlets only from a name you know and trust. At Bayside Foods we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident that you are ordering only the choicest cuts of veal.

Not only will you be getting the highest quality veal available, you’ll also be getting a lot for your money. We are able to offer premium veal cutlets at steeply discounted prices. 

Our small package contains 10 premium veal cutlets, each weighing in at five ounces. This package sells for a remarkably low $69.00. Our larger package sells for $109.00 and contains an additional ten veal cutlets. Ordering from a reputable online distributor is the most economical way to buy veal cutlets.

When you’ve decided which package you want, just let us know. Within one day, a confirmation invoice will be emailed to the address you provide and your package will arrive within two to three business days. If no one will be home to receive the package it can be left near the door or in another specified location.

10 (5 oz) YOUR PRICE $69.00


20 (5 oz) YOUR PRICE $109.00



Thick, juicy & distinctive, our T-Bone chops offer a nice alternative to any of our steaks.

Veal chops represent a tasty alternative to steak and other beef products. While we all love steak in all its many splendid incarnations, variety is equally important. Even the most ardent steak fan needs to mix it up occasionally by adding different meats into a regular diet. Adding veal chops to your menu will create a nice balance and offer different tastes and flavors any meat eater is sure to love.

Our veal chops come in a traditional T-bone style similar to a T-bone steak. Our veal chops are not only juicy and delicious, they are absolutely enormous as well. Our veal chops weigh in at a whopping 16 ounces making them perfect for people with big appetites. They’re great to share with that special someone too. These giant veal chops are sold in packages of either six or ten. A package of six, 16 ounce chops costs $139.00 and a package of 10, 16 ounce chops costs just $199.00. They will be shipped directly to your home or office and can be kept frozen for up to a year.

They are so big and juicy that deciding to order veal chops is not a tough decision. What can be tough for those not used to preparing this type of food is how to cook it. Luckily, if you need a good veal chops recipe, there is no shortage online or in cookbooks. You can easily find a veal chops recipe featuring mushrooms and other vegetables or you can even select a veal chops recipe that includes sour cream and paprika. Veal chops are extremely versatile and there is a veal chops recipe to suit any taste.

6 (16 oz) YOUR PRICE $139.00

10 (16 oz) YOUR PRICE $199.00



Plain & Uncooked: each full rack is meaty & extra large. Just waiting for your perfect BBQ recipe. A great summer grilling item.

Baby back ribs are an ideal alternative to steak at your next barbeque. Steak and hamburgers are always served at every backyard gathering, but baby back ribs are less common. It is not because they are not as popular, just because people don’t take the time to offer a delicious alternative to standard fair. Some people are under the false impression that baby back ribs are more difficult to prepare, but that is simply not true. They are just as easy to prepare as steak, burgers, or kabobs and your guests will thank you for the choice.

Every good chef has his or her own favorite baby back ribs recipe. Zesty barbeque baby back ribs are popular, which we sell cooked and ready to prepare. Just heat and serve. For cooks with their own special baby back ribs recipe, we also sell uncooked and unseasoned baby back ribs. Add your own marinade and special sauces and seasoning to these plain ribs and your mouth will water in anticipation.  If it’s not a closely guarded secret, you can share your favorite baby back ribs recipe with friends and family in the hopes that others will begin to serve baby back ribs at their parties too.

Your order of unprepared and unseasoned ribs will arrive at your door within two to three business days after you place your order. The ribs will arrive in a protective cooler and will be packed in dry ice to preserve freshness. The rib packaging is vacuum sealed and if you do not break that seal or are careful to re-wrap them tightly, you can store unused ribs for weeks or months in the freezer. If the weather’s bad, you can just await the return of sunny days and when the sun finally does reappear, you can pull those succulent, tender ribs out of the freezer and get back to the serious business of barbecuing.

4 racks YOUR PRICE $89.00


6 racks YOUR PRICE $109.00



These center cut loin pork chops are thick, juicy and trimmed perfectly.

Buy these pork chops to increase the variety of your household menu. While steak and hamburgers are always a good option, mixing up your regular menu with pork chops and other none beef items is a great way to keep your family happy and healthy. 

Pork chops are one of the most popular beef alternatives and almost everyone remembers growing up eating their mom or dad’s delicious pork chops. Pork chops are a comfort food, just like pot roast, meat loaf, and chicken soup. With all the different preparation alternatives, it makes sense to buy pork chops for your family.

It also makes sense to buy pork chops online. Traditional butcher shops are too expensive and the quality of meat at most supermarkets is less than ideal. Buying from a reputable, experienced online distributor of gourmet meats and seafood is a perfect way to save money and to ensure that you always get the highest quality meat available.  Bayside Foods has over 20 years experience bringing the finest meats and seafood to people’s homes and businesses.

Convenience is a major reason people buy pork chops online. There is no need to go to the butcher shop or stand in long lines at the supermarket, only to come home with low quality meat. Instead, customers can do all their meat and seafood shopping from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office. Online shopping is the perfect way to buy pork chops and other meat products for on the go professionals and other busy individuals.

8 BONE-IN (8 oz) YOUR PRICE $59.00


16 BONE-IN (8 oz) YOUR PRICE $99.00


10 BONELESS (6 oz) YOUR PRICE $79.00


18 BONELESS (6 oz) YOUR PRICE $109.00



Premium pork sausage deliciously prepared & skewered w/peppers & onions. We mix 9 hot with 9 sweet to please everyone.

Kabobs are a popular and well loved grilling item. The simplicity of kabobs makes them a natural choice for busy career minded people who want to enjoy delicious food, but just don’t have the time to prepare it. 

Ordering ready to serve sausage kabobs and steak kabobs online enables on the go professionals to savor a really good meal without all the hassle. Sausage kabobs are easy to store as well for people who might not make it home every night or for people with cabins or weekend homes.

Kabobs are pieces of meat, mixed with vegetables or other items that are cooked on a skewer and eaten. Popular kabob items include steak medallions, pork sausage, red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and many other complimentary items. 

Our pork sausage kabobs come ready made with pork sausage, onions, and peppers. Our sausage kabobs alternate sweet and spicy peppers for a taste that is sure to please anyone.  A package of pre-made sausage kabobs sells for only $99.00.

Kabobs are a perfect grilling food, making them a popular item at most backyard grill outs. Order a package today for your next barbeque, your guests will appreciate it. 

Your order will be shipped straight to you, or to the ship to address you specify if it is intended as a gift. Kabobs will arrive frozen and sealed and packed in dry ice. Just take them out of the cooler and put them in the freezer until they’re ready to be cooked. They’ll last in the freezer for a long time, several months if the seal is kept intact and they are wrapped tightly.




Our juicy & sweet ham is fully cooked to perfection. Comes pre-sliced with a delicious honey glaze. A fine addition to any of your holiday meals.(8 lbs. average)

An ideal way to spice up any holiday or social gathering is to buy spiral ham for your guests. A tender, flaky ham swimming in golden glaze is a mouth watering treat for any dinner party. A big, juicy ham is ideal for gatherings like Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, and every other holiday large and small. A ham so tender and juicy that it tears apart in your fingers is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable meals imaginable, but please remember to be courteous and keep your fingers off other people’s ham. It will be hard to resist tearing pieces right off the bone, but the other party guests will appreciate your self control.

There are those who do not buy spiral ham because they felt that the preparations were too difficult. Some busy party hosts have elected other foods because they did not feel like they had enough time and attention to slowly glaze and cook a ham. If this is your situation, fear not because now you can buy spiral ham that is fully cooked and glazed for your next party. Our typical ham weighs in at around eight pounds and will arrive on your doorstep fully cooked. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions to heat and serve this delicious and juicy meal to your guests. It couldn’t get any easier than this.

The price is right too. You can buy a spiral ham that is fully cooked and glazed for just $89.00.

Like all our meats, your ham will be delivered directly to your home or office within two to three business days of your order. It will arrive in a protective cooler and will be packed in dry ice to preserve quality. Your ham will be vacuum sealed and flash frozen for maximum freshness. Shipping cost for this eight pound delight is less than $20, and that applies to any amount you order, so go ahead and buy a spiral ham for your coworkers at the next office party, they’ll thank you for it.

1 (8 lb) YOUR PRICE $89.00



Cut from the sweet center of the loin, our roast is lean yet flavorful & succulent.

Pork roast is an excellent alternative to pot roast or other beef dishes. Pork is a perfect compliment to a diet high in red meat. Alternating between beef, seafood, and pork dishes is the best way to keep your family healthy and happy. The added variety will make them appreciate each item more and keep you from feeling like you’re in a rut. 

Buy our pork roasts today to augment your standard menu selections. You and your family will be thankful.

The best way to buy pork roast is through a reputable online distributor. In the old days, people visited their local butcher shop to buy pork roast and other meats. They could select the cut they desired and then took it home. Unfortunately, butcher shops were often expensive and faced stiff competition from the growth of supermarkets. Today, butcher shops are rare and supermarkets dominate. Supermarkets, however, are not a good place to buy pork roast. The quality of meat at most supermarkets is not high and standing in long lines at the checkout counter is inconvenient.

Today, the best way to buy pork roast is online.  Bayside Foods has been in the gourmet meat distribution business for over 20 years and our online operations are second to none. We sell only the finest gourmet meat and seafood and our pork roast is no exception. You can order two, thirty-six ounce gourmet pork roasts for the low price of $59.00, or you can choose to buy pork roast in a package of four, thirty-six ounce gourmet pork roasts for just $109.00.

2 (36 oz) YOUR PRICE $59.00


4 (36 oz) YOUR PRICE $109.00