Our Gourmet Selections can either complement your entertaining needs as Hors d'oeuvres or be used as a main dish for you & the kids at a moments notice. 



A variety of assorted goodies perfectly prepared & ready to bake. A must when entertaining or having a party. *(Platter items vary by assortment, call for details)

NEW!  6 Fantastic Tastes in one box- 10 of each!

-Franks n Blankets

-Filet Mignon Skewers

-Bacon Wrapped Scallops

-Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Spinach & Cheese

-Chicken in Puff Pastry

-Real Crab Meat in Puff Pastry

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This is our #1 childrens item; These plump lightly breaded and seasoned white meat tenders are ideal for a meal or an appeitzer. Available in plain or with Italian seasoning. 50-60 per bag.

Bayside Foods is proud to be the Internet’s number one place to buy chicken fingers, bringing the finest of these tasty and convenient delicacies right to the convenience of our customer’s doorstep. When you buy chicken fingers from us, you are ensured the best in quality, taste, and convenience for we are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every customer we take on.

We have become the number one place to buy chicken fingers online because demand the strictest in quality from all of our suppliers—from chicken, to beef, to seafood. We work with chicken ranches all over the U.S. to make sure all of our poultry products are raised ethically and humanely, ensuring that not only do our customers who buy chicken fingers from us receive product that is tasty, but can also be eaten with a clean conscience.

Once we have received the best in quality and ethical poultry products, we turn around and prepare it using our delicious breading recipes, which come in either plain or Italian flavoring. This is truly the crux of how and why we are the number one place to buy chicken fingers online, for our products are far tastier than anything you can get anywhere else.

We combine this delicious taste with the convenience of home delivery, sending our products in dry ice packed foam containers to every customer who decides to buy chicken fingers from us. This ensures the highest integrity of product, for the dry ice will keep each and every little vitle as fresh as the moment they left our oven.

So, if you are searching for a cheap and easy way to buy chicken fingers, look no further, for we are the top seller in cyberspace. Contact us today, and we can help you buy the best chicken fingers the market has to offer.

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(Italian) YOUR PRICE: $79.00




An old favorite - Kosher hot dogs wrapped with a delicate puff pastry. Add some spicy brown mustard and you're ready for a good time. 100 per order.

Among our most popular delicacies—the franks in a blanket have become a staple of our customer’s summertime barbecues. These puff pastry wrapped kosher hot dogs are the best pigs in a blanket on the market, wowing customers who forgot these little treats from their childhood. Add the fact that we make their receiving and delivery so easy, and you have the perfect solution to your summertime party hors d’oeuvre worries.

Our franks in a blanket have become so popular because we apply the same rigorous standards of ingredients and preparation to their production as we do with every other product we sell. While we generally specialize in more sophisticated fare, we have used the lessons learned from years of delivering our customers the best in gourmet foods to ensure that our pigs in a blanket offerings are equally delicious.

Just as we have developed a worldwide network of seafood, meat, and poultry suppliers; we have gone out of our way to procure the tastiest kosher hot dogs for use in our franks in a blanket products. We have combined this high quality meat with gourmet pastry wrapping that puts New York Steak’s pigs in a blanket truly a cut above all others.

Once our customers have decided to order franks in a blanket from us, we then turn around and ship them in dry ice packed foam containers; sending them via UPS or DHL to ensure a quick and quality delivery of these delicious treats. While pigs in a blanket orders will generally arrive in 2-3 business days, we do offer overnight shipping for an additional cost—all to make your order as convenient as possible.

So, if you are looking for the perfect appetizer to serve at a summer barbecue or dinner party, then you need search no further, for our franks in a blanket are the ideal solution. Contact us today and we can have your guests enjoying pigs in a blanket just like they did when they were kids.

100 per order

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Our wings are meaty & mouthwatering. Perfect with blue cheese, celery & carrots. Use them as hors d'oeuvres or as a quick snack. Choose spicy or BBQ.

Over the last few decades Bayside Foods has become the premier provider of gourmet buffalo wings on the market, using our close proximity to the world famous buffalo wing festival to procure and market the most delicious buffalo wing recipes in the world. As a result, we have become the first stop to buy buffalo wings for customers all over the globe. Yet, it isn’t just the buffalo wing recipe we use that makes our delicacies so popular, for there are a number of other factors that have made us the number one place to buy buffalo wings online. These factors include our commitment to quality, our dedication to customer service, and the ease and convenience with which we bring gourmet buffalo wings to our customers.

We work with poultry farms all over the nation to ensure receipt of only the highest quality chicken products to be paired with our delicious buffalo wing recipe. Every shipment is inspected and tested for quality and aesthetics to ensure that everyone who chooses to buy buffalo wings from us receives the same high quality product.

Our customer service team will work with every customer to ensure that every order of gourmet buffalo wings satisfies each and every customer we serve. If for any reason you are not happy with your experience with our company, we will refund your money back. We can make this promise because our commitment to standards combined with our delicious buffalo wing recipe is sure to be more than satisfactory.

Finally, we offer the most complete of shipping options, sending our dry iced packed foam containers via UPS or DHL, ensuring that when you buy buffalo wings from us that they arrive in 2-3 days. However, if you need them quicker, we also offer expedited shipping (for an additional cost of course).

Contact us today and we can immediately get you enjoying the most delicious gourmet buffalo wings this side of upstate New York.

Choose from  spicy or mild flavor. Approx. 60 wings per order.

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Whole milk mozzarella in a light seasoned batter. Perfect for dipping in your favorite marinara sauce. Already browned for easy bake & serve preparation. 60-70 pieces.

Bayside Foods is proud to bring our customers the most delicious fried mozzarella sticks on the market, creating these heavenly fried cheese sticks from whole milk and lightly battering them with our secret recipe. We have searched the Italian countryside to find the most delicious mozzarella to serve as the foundation of our fried cheese sticks, finding small factories near Naples that still use the old-fashioned buffalo milk process to make their delicious cheese.

We have built long-standing relationships with these manufacturers to bring a little taste of the Old World to our customers, for the cheese we use in our fried mozzarella sticks is often still oozing with the delicious cream of the water buffalo. The freshness of this ingredient is essential to creating the most heavenly fried cheese sticks possible, and we strive to ensure that all the cheese we receive from the Italian countryside meets our rigorous standards.

Once the purity of this essential ingredient has been ascertained we use the finest in American-made flower and spices to create the savory batter that gives our fried mozzarella sticks their distinct taste. The product is a slice of heaven that goes wonderfully with marinara, ranch, or whatever sauce you choose to pair with these fried cheese sticks.

So, if you are looking for the most delicious fried mozzarella sticks this side of the Italian countryside, then you have come to the right place. We can have these delicious fried cheese sticks delivered from our freezer to your door in no time at all, so order today and you can be enjoying the delicacies of the Old World tomorrow.

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Your kids will love these lightly breaded, all white meat, bite size tidbits. Always keep a bag in the freezer.

In this topsy-turvy modern world we live in it is often difficult to find the time to cook a five-course meal for your family every night, and that is why Bayside Foods is proud to bring our customers the quickest and most convenient way to buy chicken nuggets on the market. These delicious treats have become a favorite of moms everywhere, for they offer a fairly nutritious, yet easy way to feed your kids between school, trips to soccer practice, and scouts. We are dedicated to being the premier place to buy chicken nuggets in either cyber or bricks and mortar space, and have thus dedicated ourselves to developing not only the healthiest products possible, but also the most convenient way to procure them.

We work with poultry farmers all over the nation, using these strong relationships to garner the highest quality chickens with which to make our nuggets. This is the number one reason we have become such a popular place for the moms of America to buy chicken nuggets from, for we understand the importance of delivering a quality product that parents can trust.

We then convert our chickens into all white meat tidbits that are lightly breaded with our delicious batter of premium flour and spices, ensuring that when you buy chicken nuggets from us, your kids will enjoy them as much as you enjoy the convenience of ordering them.

This convenient way to buy chicken nuggets from us is also a vital part of our success, for we do everything we can to ensure that your order arrives as fresh  and delicious as the day they leave our kitchen. When you buy chicken nuggets from us, we will ship them via UPS or DHL and they will arrive in 2-3 days. However, if you buy chicken nuggets that you need delivered ASAP, we also offer overnight shipping at an additional cost.

Bayside Foods is proud to be the number one place in cyberspace to buy chicken nuggets, for we have spent a great deal of time and energy in building a healthful and convenient way for our customers to do so. Contact us today, and we can take the stress of cooking our of your life with our delicious chicken nuggets.

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Thick pan-style individually wrapped pizzas should be a staple for every family household. 18 total.

Bayside Foods is proud to be the number one place in the nation to order gourmet pizza, for our top notch culinary staff has perfected a number of pizza recipes that bring a little taste of the Old World to the convenience of ordering in the Cyber one. These individual serving delicacies come with a mozzarella cheese topping, each made to a specific pizza recipe that is sure to please the members of your family every time they open the freezer. On top of the fact that every pie is made from our delicious collection of pizza recipes, we have made it extremely convenient for you and yours to enjoy these treats.

Apparently, many of our customers have found that the cheese pizza serves as a great foundation for which to build their own delicious pizza recipes. They add their own meat, vegetables, and sauces to form truly unique pizza recipes.

However, our collection of ready-to-go pizza offerings have found a special place in the hearts, mouths, and stomachs of our customers, for each is made from their own delicious pizza recipe that is better than anything you can have pick up at the grocery store or have delivered. 

If you are looking for a convenient way to feed your family that still offers great taste, then you have come to the right place. Our gourmet pizzas have quickly become a top seller, for our customers just love them. So, contact us today and we can bring the convenience of these hearty pizza recipes from our freezer to yours.

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Completely prepared & fully cooked - They are perfectly seasoned to top your pasta, use as a side dish or an hors d'oeuvres. Mangia! 160 (1/2 ounce).

Over the last few years we have become the number one place to buy meatballs on the Internet, using our delicious Italian meatball recipe to overwhelm all of our competitors. However it is much more than our Italian meatball recipe that has made us the place of choice to buy meatballs for so many, for we also offer top-notch customer service, the highest quality assurance standards, and in-home delivery to make our customers purchases as convenient as possible.

However, the crux of our success is the sheer deliciousness of our Italian meatball recipe, which is the brainchild of our top-notch culinary staff. We realize that when customers buy meatballs from us that they are looking for much more than just some ground beef rolled up and cooked to a medium temperature. Accordingly, we invested our time and energy in finding the most perfect beef to mix with our blend of spices and secret ingredients to form the most delicious meatball on the market.

Our customers who buy meatballs from us have found that this Italian meatball recipe goes perfectly into just about any creation they can conjure up, serving them as appetizers, making them into sandwiches, or topping a pasta dish off, these versatile delicacies taste great no matter how they are eaten.

We combine this deliciousness with convenient in-home delivery so that our customers who buy meatballs from us never even have to leave the comfort of their own homes to enjoy our Italian meatball recipe. When you buy meatballs from us we ship them in a foam container packed with dry ice to ensure freshness and quality. These packages are generally shipped via UPS or DHL, arriving in 2-3 days. But if you need them sooner we do offer overnight shipping for an additional cost.

However you choose to have them shipped, when you buy meatballs from us you can be assured that the Italian meatball recipe will leave your guests craving more. So order today and you can be enjoying them tomorrow.

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Eggplant cutlets wrapped around a traditional Italian ricotta cheese filling. Stock your freezer with this item and have a light supper in minutes. 12 portions.

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Thin premium eggplant coated with Italian bread crumbs. Ideal for the 10-minute eggplant Parmesan dinner. 30-35 Cutlets.

Over the last few years Bayside Foods is proud to have become the number one place to buy eggplant online, conveniently bringing our delicious eggplant recipe to right to your door. We have spent nearly two decades building a world-class network of suppliers, using these relationships to create a place where our customers can order the best in seafood, steak, and now a destination to buy eggplant of the highest quality. Add to this the fact that we are dedicated to bringing these delicious delicacies to our customers in the most convenient way possible, and you can see why our eggplant recipe is so popular.

The relationships we have built with our suppliers is at the core of why we are the premier place to buy eggplant, for it has earned us preferential treatment that gets us the cream-of-the-crop product to apply our delicious eggplant recipe to. However, our commitment to quality assurance does not stop there, for we believe that in order to maintain our status as the number one place to buy eggplant we must be vigilant about the product that makes its way to our kitchen. We inspect, test, and analyze every shipment to ensure the highest quality product to maximize the savory taste of our eggplant recipe with, making certain that every shipment that leaves our warehouse is as delicious as the last.

We combine this heavenly supply of product with the most complete array of shipping options possible, truly putting us a cut above other places where you can buy eggplant. While we generally ship via UPS or DHL using their priority delivery service, we can also ship our dry ice packed foam containers via overnight delivery (at an extra cost of course) to those have a craving for our delicious eggplant recipe that needs to be satisfied STAT.

Whatever your needs, New York Steak is here to meet them. Allowing you to buy eggplant from the convenience of your own computer terminal, and having them delivered in no time at all. So, contact us today and we can have you enjoying our delectable eggplant recipe in no time.

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