Nothing says New York like our cheesecake. Rich, creamy, and velvety smooth.

At Bayside Foods we are proud to be the number one place to buy cheese cake online, combining the most delicious recipe with convenient home delivery to ensure every customer that decides to buy cheesecake from us gets this delicious delicacy as soon as possible. We searched high and low to secure the most heavenly recipe in the known universe, and have perfected a manufacturing process to ensure every one who chooses to buy cheese cake from us is able to revel in its purity.

When we first set out to offer these delicious desserts, we were committed to becoming the number one place to buy cheesecake online. In order to achieve that goal we knew we had to offer a product that was a cut above the rest, for you can buy cheese cake anywhere, but special products earn special dividends. So, we searched the world over, trying different variations of cheesecake and spending months paring our list down. But wouldn’t you know it, we happened to find the best NY cheesecake right in our own backyard of NYC, proving that nothing beats an original.

We found a little bakery that we began to buy cheesecake from in bulk that was head and shoulders above any other cheesecake we had sampled. Their secret was foregoing bulk-produced cream cheese in favor of fresh churned product from a little dairy farm in upstate New York. This made a stunning difference in taste, and we immediately knew that we would buy cheese cake from them as long as we were to carry this product.

We have combined the convenience of online ordering with home delivery to ensure that all of our customers who buy cheesecake from us will quickly and easily enjoy the fruits of this search. We normally ship via UPS or DHL, with most product arriving in 2-3 business days. However, for those customers who have a craving that needs to be more immediately satisfied we also offer overnight shipping at an additional cost.

So, if you are looking for the perfect desert to serve at your dinner party or family gathering that will leave your guests talking for weeks, search no further, for we have the perfect solution. Order today and help you to buy cheesecake that is simply out of this world.

1 (7 in) YOUR PRICE: $24.00

1 (10 in) YOUR PRICE: $29.00




A Chocolate Lovers Dream! This luxurious, and satisfying dessert features layers of fudge between moist semi-sweet chocolate cake, highlighted with chocolate chips around the edge.

Here at Bayside Foods we have searched high and low for the most savory and delicious offerings, and we have become the premier provider of direct sales gourmet food, bringing exotic tastes from all over the world to the convenience of our customers doorsteps. We are proud to add to this repertoire the fact that we are now offering our customers a way buy chocolate cake from the convenience of their own homes. But we don’t just offer you a way to buy chocolate cake that is just any run-of-the-mill, mass-produced dessert. No, instead we offer a place to buy chocolate cake that is up to the same gourmet standards our customers have come to expect from us.

Once again, we have outdone ourselves. For before we bring our customers any new product, rigorous searches are conducted to find the highest quality ingredients and the most magnificent of recipes to bring them all together with. When we decided to offer our customers a way to buy chocolate cake, we pushed this philosophy to the max, conducting a worldwide search of the most delectable ingredients for which to form our new creation.

The result is an exotic mixture of different chocolate that forms what must truly be one of the most heavenly creations on God’s green Earth. Every customer who has decided to buy chocolate cake from us has been blown away buy the complete deliciousness of this offering, and many quickly turn around and order more as if there was some sort of limited supply.

However, supplies are not limited, and add the fact that we offer a complete array of shipping options to the equation, and you can see why we have quickly become the number one place to buy chocolate cake. While we generally ship priority UPS or DHL, with a delivery time of 2-3 days, we do offer overnight shipping services (at an additional cost of course) for those who just can’t wait when they buy chocolate cake from us.

So, contact us today, and we can bring the labor of this love straight from our freezer to yours in no time.

1 (7 in) YOUR PRICE: $24.00


1 (10 in) YOUR PRICE: $29.00



Serve up America's favorite dessert with a scoop of ice cream.

10 (inch) YOUR PRICE: $29.00