Our fish fillets & steaks come from around the world and represent some of the most popular items served in many high-end restaurants. The Tortilla Crusted Red Snapper is new and a very hot item! Our recommendation for "Fish of the Day".



Our most popular fillet is moist,sweet & satisfying. As good as your favorite seafood restaurant

Over the past 10 years there is one fish filet that has become more popular than any other—the Chilean sea bass.  Bayside Foods is ecstatic to offer our customers a wonderful selection of the world's most popular fish.  So if you're looking to buy Chilean sea bass let Bayside Foods prove to you that no company can match our superior customer service and top-notch product.

In the past Chilean sea bass has been available only in upscale restaurants, but at Bayside foods you can buy Chilean sea bass to make your own kitchen a gourmet-cooking establishment.  Due to the sheer size of the Chilean sea bass our fillets are thicker than most, making them an excellent candidate for backyard grilling.  A high fat content makes the Chilean sea bass virtually impossible to overcook, mixed with a mild flavor and a pleasantly firm texture it is no wonder it has become the most successful consumer filet in the market today.  When you buy Chilean sea bass from Bayside Foods we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Bayside Foods friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you buy Chilean sea bass without any worries.  Due to stringent restrictions and government regulations on Chilean sea bass you'll want to know that your order comes from a reputable company and not from some poacher.  At Bayside Foods we can honestly say that all of our Chilean sea bass is harvested within the rules and regulations, with the utmost care taken for our diminishing Chilean sea bass population.  Our product guarantee will make you feel secure in knowing that if you are in any way unhappy we will make good on it 100% of the time.

So buy Chilean sea bass from Bayside Foods today and see what all the fuss is about.  Our various pricing and shipping options will get your fish to you quickly and reliably.  Bayside Foods is the best because our consumers say that we are.  Let us add you to that ever-expanding list of satisfied customers so that you too can know what premium customer service is all about.

10 (8 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $189.00




Dolphin safe and frozen direct from the sea for impeccable freshness. This steak will remain firm either grilled, broiled, baked.

When you are talking swordfish steaks we offer only the best that the ocean has to give.  Our product guarantee makes it easy for you to order swordfish that you can be confident will please every taste bud in your mouth.

Truly fresh swordfish has a unique firm texture and a full bodied flavor that just makes you want more.  At Bayside Foods our swordfish is frozen direct from the sea so that when you order swordfish you can be assured its impeccable freshness is second to none.  Whether grilled, broiled, sautéed or baked fresh swordfish is a gourmet treat fit for a king.

At Bayside Foods our courteous staff is more than willing to help you buy swordfish to suit whatever needs you may have.  Our award winning customer service and product guarantee make Bayside Foods the ideal place to order swordfish.  No company will treat you better, that is why our 100% guarantee makes us number one in the industry.  From the family table to five star restaurants our clients will all agree that no company compares with Bayside Foods.

So when you require Swordfish for a dinner party or as a gourmet treat that the entire family will enjoy let Bayside Foods take the worry out of shopping for the freshest most delectable steaks away from you.  With thousands of satisfied customers we're sure that you won't be disappointed.  Order fresh swordfish from Bayside Foods today and enjoy.

6 (7 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00


12 (7 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $99.00




Our award winning Pacific ahi steak is as fresh as any bought at your local market. Pan sear or grill for a low calorie entrée.

For the ultimate in backyard grilling you can't get much better than Bayside Foods award winning Pacific Ahi Steak.  When you buy tuna from Bayside Foods you can be assured that our product is the best you can get, backed by our 100% guarantee you can't go wrong when ordering from Bayside Foods.

At Bayside Foods, our tuna is shipped straight from our boats in the Pacific Ocean to our processing facilities so that when you buy tuna it is as fresh as the day it was caught.  "From our boats to your table," is the freshness goal of Bayside Foods.  We're sure that when you see and taste how fresh Ahi Tuna can actually be you will be back to buy tuna again and again.  Coupled with our strict quality standards our fish is sure to make your next tuna recipe a hit with the whole family.

Bayside Foods highly trained staff can help you with all your needs involving fresh and prepared meats.  We have extensive experience with caterers, dinner party hosts, and many top end restaurants, so you can be guaranteed that we know how to treat our clientele.  When you buy tuna from Bayside Foods it is backed by our 100% guarantee, that way you know if you lose so do we.  We pride ourselves in our quality and will accept no less than our best.

So browse through our website and check out our various options for buying tuna.  We assure you that you won't be disappointed and will be back for more.  No matter how you're cooking our fresh Pacific Ahi Tuna, it will turn any recipe a meal that the entire family will enjoy.  Contact us today and join our thousands of satisfied customers in finding out how fresh tuna can be when you buy from Bayside Foods.

6 (6 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00


12 (6 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $99.00




These skinless fillets are shipped straight to you from the icy North Atlantic.

Bayside Foods is proud to be the leader in bringing our clients the best salmon fillets the North Atlantic has to offer.  Our salmon delivery network caters to any part of the country in a timely and efficient manner.  If you order salmon today you can be feasting like royalty tomorrow.  Since 1985 Bayside Foods has been able to offer the freshest salmon delivery in the country, with a product guarantee that can't be beat.

Our fishing boats ship directly to you from the icy waters of the North Atlantic so that there is no time lost from the water to your table.  Our thick salmon steaks are carefully cut from the best North Atlantic salmon and have a firm, tender meat that can be cooked any way you like.  Preferred by most fresh off the grill, salmon fillets can also be baked or broiled with any number of spices or glazes.  No matter how you prepare your salmon we are sure that you will not find a better place than Bayside Foods to get the freshest possible salmon delivered to your table.

Not only is our salmon delivery the best in the country, but our customer service standard stands up to even the toughest critic.  We strive daily to make sure that every single customer has the most enjoyable experience possible.  Our courteous staff has superior knowledge of our product and will go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied.  Coupled with our 100% guarantee you can't go wrong with salmon delivery from Bayside Foods.

When you need to impress your dinner guests with the best salmon they've ever had let Bayside Foods help.  We have several different pricing and shipping options, and can even make a salmon and steak combo that will turn heads and make mouths water.  Bayside Foods would love to count you among our thousands of satisfied clients, so contact us today we'll start the salmon on its way.

6 (7 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00


12 (7 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $99.00




This Hawaiian favorite has firm flaky white meat and is truly a delicious fillet. Try it for a nice change of pace.

Bayside Foods is proud to be the number one place to order Mahi Mahi online, importing only the best quality fish in from Hawaii, allowing our customers to buy Mahi Mahi in only the freshest state at the best prices.  We have a long-established pipeline of suppliers that we buy Mahi Mahi from, using these relationships to ensure the cream of the crop selection for our customers who order Mahi Mahi online. Add to this the fact that we have a team of top-notch customer service professionals ready to answer any questions and quickly solve any problems that might arise, and you have the recipe that has made us the number one place to buy Mahi Mahi online.

We serve a variety of customers who order Mahi Mahi online from us; quickly bringing the highest quality seafood to families, dinner party hosts, catering services and everyone else who chooses to buy Mahi Mahi from us. We also realize that our delicious offerings often need to arrive at their destinations quickly, and have instituted an extremely flexible shipping policy to ensure that all needs are met. We generally charge $19.95 for any standard shipping service—no matter the size of the order or where it is going. But for those who need to buy Mahi Mahi and have it delivered immediately, we also offer overnight shipping services at an additional charge.

So, if you are looking to order Mahi Mahi online, then you have some to the right place, for we have helped thousands upon thousands of customers buy Mahi Mahi over the Internet. And we are always eager to add this list of satisfied clientele, so contact us today and we can immediately bring the delicacies of the Southern Pacific right to your kitchen table.

6 (7 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00


12 (7 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $99.00




Over the last few years Bayside Foods is proud to have become the number one place to buy fish online, bringing the best quality tuna, Mahi Mahi, and orange roughy to our customers at the lowest prices possible. It is this latter product that quickly become one of our top-sellers, for we have one of the most complete and reliable pipeline of orange roughy suppliers on the planet, using our relationships to import the highest quality of this delicious delicacy from Australia and New Zealand to ensure the best products for all of our customers who buy fish online.

Unfortunately for many, orange roughy is relatively unknown treat, for they live so deep under the sea it wasn’t until the last few decades that man could effectively catch and bring them to market. But over the last 30 years humankind has developed the ability to reliably snare these fish that live a mile-and-a-half underwater, bringing the succulent wonders of the orange roughy to the attention of an ever-growing legion of devoted fans.

Now, with the rise of the Internet it has become commonplace to buy fish online, making it easier than ever to enjoy these tasty treats. Here at Bayside Foods we are committed to bring the highest quality orange roughy to our clients at fairest prices and the quickest delivery times, and have implemented a number of policies to make this possible.

First, we offer the lowest prices anywhere, allowing our customers to buy fish online at prices often 30-40% below our competitors, ensuring that delicious delicacies like orange roughy are affordable to all.

Secondly, we offer a variety of shipping options, allowing all of our customers to get their orders at the time of their choosing. We ship all of our products in reusable foam coolers, packed liberally with dry ice to ensure the freshness and quality of every shipment. While we usually send orders via UPS or DHL priority (arrives in 2-3 business days), we also offer overnight delivery for those customers who need a shipment of orange roughy immediately. While this latter option is more expensive than our standard $19.95 shipping rate, it allows us to meet the needs of all who buy fish online from us.

Contact us today and we can immediately get you enjoying these succulent fish of the deep.

(3 lbs.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00

(5 lbs) YOUR PRICE: $109.00




These boneless fillets arrive from clean cold waters. Perfect sauteed, broiled, or wrapped in foil for grilling.

Over the last few decades Bayside Foods has become the premier place to buy red snapper—for we have spent years building the most complete network of suppliers, developing the most complete customer service policies, and generally striving to be the safest and most convenient place to buy red snapper online.

One of the main reasons we are the number one place to buy red snapper online is because of the high standards we insist upon from our worldwide network supply of customers. This means that every juicy, succulent, and moist boneless filet we ship is sure to be a delicious little slice of heaven. They are perfect sautéed, grilled, or broiled—ensuring that whatever recipe you choose will leave your dinner guests wowed.

The high quality of our product has made us the first stop to but red snapper for a wide array of customers—for we bring the pleasure of these fine delicacies to everyone from families to catering services. We are dedicated to being the premier destination to buy red snapper, and have thus built a layered system of pricing and shipping options to ensure that the needs of every customer are met.

Every customer who chooses to buy red snapper from us is automatically assessed our standard shipping rate of $19.95, which consists of UPS or DHL priority shipping, and ensures delivery within 2-3 business days. However, for those customers who require immediate delivery when they buy red snapper from us we also offer overnight shipping options for a small additional charge.

Whatever your needs or desires, it is our mission to be the number one place to buy red snapper online by meeting those demands. We can and will service all manners of requirements, so order today and we can immediately help you buy red snapper that will make the party in your mouth just as fun as the party in your house.

10 (8oz) YOUR PRICE: $129.00

6 (8 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00




An old favorite from the sea, imported from Holland. This fillet has a mild & pleasing taste. 

Bayside Foods is proud to be the number one provider of filet of sole on the Net, bringing this delicious delicacy to a diverse array of customers. This diverse array consists of thousands who have found our offerings of Dutch-imported filet of sole to be second-to-none—from families who want to treat themselves to caterers who have made us their regular supplier of filet of sole, we strive to meet the needs of anyone who walks through our virtual door.

Filet of sole is an old world delicacy, a favorite since the times of ancient Europe, and has thus become one of our top sellers. We strive to bring only to highest quality filet of sole to our customers, procuring our supply from fishermen who trawl the waters off the northernmost reaches of Europe. This ensures the most naturally delicious offerings of filet of sole, for we shun the idea of purchasing our products from fish farms.

Every filet of sole we ship is sent in a foam container, packed with dry ice to ensure product integrity upon delivery. While our standard shipping package is $19.95 for 2-day delivery using UPS or FedEx, we do offer more complete options for those who demand a quicker arrival of their filet of sole purchase. For an additional cost (of course), customers can have their package sent overnight to make sure their filet of sole arrives in time for that special occasion or dinner party.

Whatever your needs, Bayside Foods is committed to delivering the highest quality filet of sole to meet them. Order from us today and we can immediately have you dining on the most delicious delicacies the Old World has to offer.

8 (5 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $59.00

14 (5 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $89.00 




Premium white sole fillets stuffed with either scallops & crab meat or shrimp & garlic. Just heat & serve.

Among Bayside Foods most popular offerings are our stuffed sole products, which are each made following one of our respective sole recipes. These stuffed sole recipes like an explosion of taste in your mouth— made either from scallops and crab meat or shrimp and garlic—ensuring that you dinner guests will be left more than impressed by the sole recipes that have won accolades from our customers the world over.

Our scallop and crab meat stuffed sole is among the most delicious offerings in our catalog, for our top-notch culinary staff has spent years perfecting their sole recipes, and it shows in the mouthwatering taste produced by this product. The scallop and crab meat we use in this stuffed sole is hand-picked from our vast inventory of high-quality seafood, and is then is cooked to perfection with a delicious mixture of marinate and spices. This stuffed sole recipe has quickly become one of our top-sellers, for every customer who serves them comes to find out that they are perfect centerpiece to any dinner party.

Perhaps the only sole recipes that exceed the overall deliciousness of our scallop and crab offerings is our line of shrimp and garlic stuffed crab, which is not only a favorite among our customers, but has become the seafood of choice among our own employees. Much like our flagship stuffed sole product the shrimp and garlic sole recipes are made using only the highest quality shrimp in our stock to ensure that this top-seller never falls below the rigorous standards we set for every product we offer. This top-of-the-food-chain shrimp is then sautéed in garlic, butter, and spices to produce the most delicious stuffed sole on the market, once again ensuring that your guests are wowed by the heavenly taste of the offerings at your dinner party.

So, if you are a dinner party host looking to impress your guests or a caterer who wants to add a convenient offering of stuffed sole to your menu, then you have come to the right place. We have used to the most delicious stuffed sole recipes to offer the most mouthwatering products on the market, and are always eager to take on new customers. contact us today, and we can have you enjoying the fruits of this labor in no time.

8 stuffed with scallops & crab meat (6 oz.) 

YOUR PRICE: $59.00


16 stuffed with scallops & crab meat (6 oz.)

YOUR PRICE: $99.00


8 stuffed with shrimp & garlic (6 oz.) 

YOUR PRICE: $59.00


16 stuffed with shrimp & garlic (6 oz.) 

YOUR PRICE: $99.00




Maryland Crab lightly seasoned and breaded ready for your saute pan or oven. Ideal for that innovative Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvres or appetizer. 8 or 15 Crab Cakes in each order.

Over the last few decades Bayside Foods is proud become the number one place to buy crab cakes online, for we serve any and every customer—from families looking for convenience to catering services that need a reliable source of crab cakes— we can handle it all. There are many reasons that we have become the number one place to buy crab cakes, but this status is mainly due to our commitment to providing top quality customer service, reliable delivery, and the fact that they just taste so darned good!

Our customers who buy crab cakes from us have come to find out we use only the best in Maryland crab, lightly seasoned and breaded, and ready for your sauté pan or oven. These delicious offerings are succulent and juicy, perfect for the holiday hors d’oeuvres or dinner party appetizer.

We are able to offer the best crab cakes on the market because we have the most complete network of seafood suppliers on the market combined with an unfailing commitment to quality assurance that produces the most consistently delicious product in the world.

Bayside Foods has been in business for over 20 years, and in that time we have built strong relationships with fish markets all over the world, bringing the benefits of those relationships to fruition in every product we sell. Nowhere are these relationships stronger than with the fisheries industry of the Eastern Seaboard, and it is this ability to procure the cream of the crop seafood that makes us the number one place to buy crab cakes.

However, we do not stop there, for we have instituted a number of quality assurance safeguards to ensure that even in the leanest of times, we are relaying the best crab cakes possible to our customers. Every shipment received is inspected, tested, and analyzed according to the highest standards of quality. Equal care and attention is given to every product we ship, for we are committed to delivering our customers the most satisfyingly delicious product every single time they buy crab cakes from us.

So, whether you are putting on a dinner party or a restaurant looking for a reliable source to buy crab cakes from, Bayside Foods has a long list of satisfied customers we are always eager to add to. Contact us today, and we can immediately deliver the heavenly taste of these delicacies right to the comfort of your own home.

8 (3 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $79.00


15 (3 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $129.00




Try this unique Hors D'Oeuvres at your next party.

These delicious delicacies have quickly become a customer favorite, for all of those who have ordered our stuffed scallops have been more than happy with the delicious results of our secret scallop recipe. We are able to offer such outstanding stuffed scallops because of our world-class network of seafood suppliers, rigorous quality assurance standards, and top-notch culinary staff.

The main reason we are able to offer such a premium line of stuffed scallops is because we have spent over two decades building network of seafood suppliers that spans the globe. We have strong contacts with vendors in virtually every fish market in the world, using the benefit of these relationships to procure the best raw products possible for use in our stuffed scallops, lobster dishes, and other offerings.

However, we do not stop at just using the best supply line possible, for we have also instituted rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure that every shipment we receive is of the highest quality. It is only after we inspect, test, and analyze every shipment that we send our raw product on to be converted to fine delicacies like stuffed scallops.

Once we have weeded out the less-than-savory specimens, we then send the raw product onto our world-class culinary and processing facility, where they whip them into the most delicious of delicacies using their heavenly scallop recipe. Combined with our rigorous post-production quality assurance standards, this stuffed scallops recipe produces what has become one of our most popular offerings.

If you are looking for the perfect hors d’oeuvres to serve at your next dinner party, then our stuffed scallops made from our secret scallop recipe are the answer. We can have these at your door in a matter of days; ensuring that your function comes off a success. So, contact us today and we can immediately get these delicious treats on your plate.

10 Shells YOUR PRICE: $79.00

18 Shells YOUR PRICE: $129.00




You will think you are in a fancy Mexican restaurant when you try these fillets made with a crust of tortilla shells, red and green pepper, chipotle and lime. Just bake from frozen and serve.

8 (6 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $59.00

14 (6 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $99.00




Thick baby cod fillets with a light delicious potato crust.  Kid's love them!

8 (6 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $59.00

14 (6 oz.) YOUR PRICE: $99.00