Our finest selections from the sea, including Shrimp, Lobster Tails, Scallops, Mussels and King Crab Legs. 


The ultimate in convenience, just thaw and serve. 

Perfect for Shrimp Cocktail. Shrimp cocktail is an old favorite and a staple at parties and social gatherings of all kinds. 

Other shrimp dishes are widely served at seafood restaurants around the world. Shrimp is in fact the most popular seafood dish of all and is ordered more than any other. 

Getting high quality shrimp at home is no longer a challenge because consumers can now order pre-cooked jumbo shrimp for home delivery. Pre-cooked jumbo shrimp are perfect for shrimp cocktail because they need only be thawed in order to be served. There is absolutely no preparation involved at all. 

An order of 50 pre-cooked jumbo shrimp can be purchased for only $59.00 or you can double that order to 100 pre-cooked jumbo shrimp for just $99.00. Orders are shipped directly to consumers at their homes or office via UPS or FedEx. Orders take approximately two to three business days to arrive and shipping costs are low.

Whenever seafood is concerned, proper conditions and environment must be maintained at all times to ensure the quality and freshness of the product. Pre-cooked jumbo shrimp are flash frozen to ensure freshness and then sealed for shipment. The coolers containing the pre-cooked jumbo shrimp are packed with dry ice to maintain ideal conditions during transport. Upon arrival, pre-cooked jumbo shrimp can be stored in the freezer for long periods of time until they are ready to be served.

At Bayside Foods we have become the national leader in providing our customers with the best pre-cooked jumbo shrimp there is available today.  Our excellent customer service and top-notch product keep our customers coming back to time and again, and as always anytime you aren't satisfied with our product we will gladly replace it or refund your money in full. At Bayside Foods we guarantee to provide our customers with exactly what they want precisely when they need it.

Our pre-cooked jumbo shrimp are as fresh as the day they came from the sea and taste better than ones you can buy at any supermarket.  We work with top shrimp fisheries in the Northeast to keep our product lines as fresh as possible.  These beautiful pre-cooked jumbo shrimp are impressive any way you serve them.  Fully cooked, peeled and deveined these tasty morsels will give a kick-start to any party or delight your guests as the main course. 

Bayside Foods is proud to boast of our second to none customer service standards.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff strive to make every customers experience enjoyable.  Our superior knowledge of fresh and prepared meats will allow us to make sure you get the amount of pre-cooked jumbo shrimp you need for whatever size party you will be serving.  We routinely supply pre-cooked jumbo shrimp for single families, dinner party hosts, and catering companies.  

Our stringent product guarantee will allow you to feel secure with our product 100% of the time, every time.So if you are looking for pre-cooked jumbo shrimp let us know and we can make it happen.  We offer a variety of pricing and shipping options to suit your needs.  We have thousands of satisfied customers and would love to count you among them.  

Contact us today and let us bring the deliciousness of these delicacies straight from our freezer to your doorstep.

(2.5 lbs. JUMBO) YOUR PRICE: $59.00

(5 lbs. JUMBO) YOUR PRICE: $99.00



Our Jumbo domestic sea scallops are delicious as an entrée either broiled, sauteed or breaded & fried.

Scallops are a treat from the ocean that can be described as nothing less than sensational.  When you buy scallops online you want to know that you're getting the absolute best that the ocean has to offer.   For two decades  Bayside Foods  has been able to offer the most superior fresh and prepared meats, and we have now added scallops to our extensive line of offerings.  Our highly trained staff and excellent customer service makes  Bayside Foods  a leader in the fresh meat industry so you can be assured that what you want is what you get 100% of the time.

Scallops are shellfish that are native to many bays and estuaries from New England to the Gulf of Mexico.   Bayside Foods is ecstatic to offer the freshest, most delectable scallop morsels to ever pass through your lips.  Our fishing boats scour the New England coast in search of these delicious morsels that you can be assured are among the best in the world.  As soon as you order your scallops online they are carefully wrapped, packed and shipped in specially insulated containers so that you can be certain you are receiving the absolute cream of the Ocean’s crop.

At  Bayside Foods our customers are number one and we strive to make sure that everyone is satisfied.  When you order your scallops online our dutiful employees will check and double check your order to be sure that you get what you want every time.  Backed by our 100%, guarantee you can feel confident that when you order scallops online you will receive only the best product on the market.

When you buy scallops online let  Bayside Foods take the worry out of it for you.  We have several different pricing and shipping options that will suit everyone's needs and we would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.  So contact  Bayside Foods and see our website for delicious recipes that will make your scallops the hit of the party.

(3 lbs. ) YOUR PRICE: $89.00

(5 lbs. ) YOUR PRICE: $139.00




From Brazil, our tails are of the highest quality. They are individually wrapped & flash frozen to ensure extraordinary flavor & firm texture. Easy to prepare, order them for your next BBQ or weekend party. Each order includes 12 (6oz) Tails.

Fit for a king— that is how New York Steak describes our lobster tail.  Caught daily, these sweet, succulent portions are some of the best seafood cuts that New York Steak has to offer.  Whether used to make wonderful lobster bisque or for a backyard barbeque New York Steak guarantees that you will not be disappointed.  So when you are looking to buy lobster tails let us provide you with the choice lobster you want and the customer service that you demand.

When you look to buy lobster tails that are sure to satisfy, freshness is the key.  Caught fresh off the pristine Brazilian coast our tails are of the highest quality.  Individually wrapped and flash frozen you can be sure that the extraordinary flavor and sweet juicy meat are among the best in the world.  At New York Steak we pick only the best of the best in order to make sure our customers are extremely satisfied with our product.  These luscious tails are sure to make an impression on whomever you serve them to.  Boiled, broiled, baked or stuffed, your guests will be dying to know where you buy lobster tail so fresh and wonderful.

At New York Steak not only do we pride ourselves in top-notch product, but we also like to boast of our excellent customer service.  We believe that our consumers are priority number one and will do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied whenever you buy lobster tails from us.  Since 1985 New York Steak has provided America with the best product while maintaining a customer service standard that is second to none.  Let us prove to you that we are here to make sure you receive the best of both worlds with our 100% product guarantee that inspires confidence anytime you buy lobster tails from New York Steak.

When you want to buy lobster tails of the highest quality let New York Steak add you to our growing list of extremely satisfied consumers.  We have several different lobster tail packages and can even make delicious combinations with steak and lobster tail.  So buy lobster tails at New York Steak today and make your next meal "fit for a king!

6 (8 oz) YOUR PRICE 159.00

12 ( 7oz) YOUR PRICE $209.00

6(7 oz) YOUR PRICE 109.00

10(8 oz) YOUR PRICE 229.00



Our premium shrimp is imported & then individually quick frozen to capture all the freshness & tenderness of a new catch. Peeled, deveined & ready to cook any way you like. Serve chilled or use in your favorite recipe. 100 per order.

When cooking up a new jumbo shrimp recipe it is soothing to know that you are cooking with the best shrimp in the country.  New York Steak is proud to offer these jumbo shrimp to you.  When you buy jumbo shrimp from us you can be assured that they are as succulently fresh as you could get in most top-end restaurants.  At Bayside Foods we are in the business of providing our consumers with the freshest, most tender jumbo shrimp that the ocean has to offer.

At Bayside Foods, freshness is guaranteed.  Our shrimp boats bring daily catches of the most succulent shrimp available so that we are able to get them to you without losing any of the juicy flavor that we all enjoy.  Peeled, deveined and ready to cook, these shrimp will add serve as a rock-solid bed of flavor for what ever jumbo shrimp recipe you care to try.  When you buy jumbo shrimp from Bayside Foods we will ship them to you right away so that you know your shrimp have only spent hours out of the water.  Coupled with our incredible jumbo shrimp recipes we are sure that your next jumbo shrimp meal will please and delight all who are around your table.

At Bayside Foods our vast knowledge of fresh seafood cuts makes us a national leader in our industry.  We are able to provide our costumers who buy jumbo shrimp with the superior product they require while building a relationship that will bring you back again and again.  We are able to supply jumbo shrimp for caterers and dinner party hosts as well as single families who want only the best jumbo shrimp.  At Bayside Foods we will bend over backwards to make sure that you get what you need, 100% guaranteed.

When you are ready to buy jumbo shrimp that is the freshest, biggest, and most delectable jumbo shrimp on the market come to Bayside Foods and let us get them to you.  Join our thousands of already satisfied customers and make seafood feast that will be remembered until you order from us again.  Our jumbo shrimp recipes are sure to put a smile on your entire family and leave them begging for more.

(2.5 lbs. Jumbo (20 per pound) YOUR PRICE: $59.00

(5 lbs. Jumbo (20 per pound) YOUR PRICE: $89.00

(2.5 lbs. Colossal (12 per pound)) YOUR PRICE: $89.00

(5 lbs. Colossal (12 per pound) YOUR PRICE: $109.00


(2.5 lbs. King (our biggest! 6 per pound)) YOUR PRICE: $99.00

(5 lbs. King (our biggest! 6 per pound) YOUR PRICE: $129.00



Shipped directly to us from the icy cold waters of Alaska. These meaty & sweet legs & claws are fully cooked. We recommend that they be steamed.

King crab legs are one of the finest treasures that our oceans have to offer.  Tender sweet white meat fills these legs and offers a meal that some consider addictive.  New York Steak is the foremost leader in providing the America with king crab legs.  When you buy king crab legs you don't want a "prince," that’s why New York Steak can boast that their king crab legs are the biggest and the best that are available, and we're willing to back that with our 100% guarantee.

At New York Steak our king crab legs are the best.  Taken from the finest king crab harvests in the icy waters of Alaska our legs are succulent, mildly sweet and tender.  No other shellfish in the world can provide a more striking image on your table than that of the king crab.  Sought after for its sweet flavor and rich texture king crab legs will satisfy no matter how you prepare them; steamed, boiled or baked.  You can buy king crab legs from New York Steak and be extremely satisfied that you are receiving the absolute best legs on the market.

At New York Steak not only do we offer you the finest in king crab selection, but our customer service will get your attention as well.  We pride ourselves in providing our consumers with fast, friendly service that can't be beat.  When you decide to buy king crab legs let New York Steak prove to you that with us you not only get a superior product, but also a relationship that will continue far into the future.

So browse our different shipping and pricing options and let New York Steak help you buy your king crab legs now.  Our 100% guarantee will make you fell confident that the money you spend with us is money well spent.  Don't forget to look through our cooking and preparations guide to find great ways to prepare your king crab legs.

(3 lbs.) YOUR PRICE: $119.00


(5 lbs.) YOUR PRICE: $189.00




Mussels Imported from New Zealand, this perfect appetizer yields 15-20 Mussels per lb. Serve them with your favorite sauce or pasta. Just heat and serve. 3 (2lb. bags)

Many people have long revered shellfish as a delicacy, but what truly makes it a delicacy is the superiority of the product.  When you need to buy mussels online you shouldn't look any further than Bayside Foods.  Since 1985 we have become the foremost supplier of high quality mussels in the Northeast.  Through our award winning customer service we can help you buy mussels online so that your next seafood pasta dish will be remembered long after dessert is gone.

Mussels are a diverse shellfish and can be used in a variety of dishes.  They can be baked, braised, fried or poached in pasta, as a side dish, or used as a perfect appetizer.  Our mussels are caught, cooked and individually frozen by our suppliers from the pristine waters of New Zealand.  As soon as you buy mussels online they are shipped to you to heat, serve and enjoy.  The fresher they are the better they taste and Bayside Foods takes pride in offering only the best and freshest mussels on the market.

Buying mussels online is a risk that many folks are reluctant to take.  At Bayside Foods we want to remove that factor for our clients, that is why every order from Bayside Foods is guaranteed 100%.  Our highly trained staff will make sure each order is double and triple checked to ensure that it is fresh, safe, and ready to enjoy.  Whether it be for a corporate dinner or a backyard BBQ let Bayside Foods bring the "mussel" to make your meal a hit.

Whenever you are ready to buy mussels online don't look any further than Bayside Foods.  Our various shipping and pricing options will make sure that you get what you need when you need it, and our product guarantee will take care of the rest.  We would love to add you to the thousands of satisfied customers we serve everyday.  For all your mussel needs make Bayside Foods your place.

3 (2 lb. bags) YOUR PRICE: $59.00